Thursday, 28 May 2015

Magento upgrade from 1.7 to 1.9

1. Create a backup of database and code. place maintenance.flag file inside 1.7 code folder to put website offline.

2. Download magento 1.9 from the

3. Remove all folders and files from your 1.7 code except maintenance.flag (but you should have backup somewhere) and place all folders and files from the 1.9.

4. Now from your 1.7 merge your following custom folders into the 1.9
  • Community app/code/community
  • Local app/code/local
  • Media
  • Your theme or package 
  • Custom folders from Skin (both for adminhtml and frontend).
  • Copy your custom xml files from app/etc/modules/ to current app/etc/modules/
  • Any custom admin theme folder from adminhtml/default/yourtheme.
  • Copy your custom folders from adminhtml/default/default/ (1.7) to adminhtml/default/default/ (1.9).
  • Custom js files if any from app/js/
5. Now go to app/etc/local.xml. Edit database details their and put your database username and password and database name.

6.Do not forget the encryption key of the old version. When upgrading the site to new installation, be sure to use the same Encryption Key

7. Login into admin panel and regenerate Index and Cache Management.

8. Remove maintenance.flag file and check the site in the browser. it is done.

Note: Never use Magento Connect Manager. There are many issues with it. Also when upgrading with Connect you will not know which modifications it did .

Friday, 13 February 2015

Google Online Migration

Google Online Migration

Step 1: Log into website with your google apps for work username and password

Step 2: Select Migration option from the google admin panel

Setp 3 & 4: Select any one from the following migrating from options

Step 5: Let the settings for connection protocol be as - Auto select (recommended)

Step 6: Enter your Microsoft admin Username & password and click connect

Step 7: Verifying and connection to the server

Step 8: Select migrate enail from date

Note: If you wish to migrate deleted files, junk files etc. Check the below check box option