Sunday, 9 June 2013

Plague Inc - The # 1 Mobile Strategy Game

It’s a strategy game, but definitely unlike anything you’ve ever played before. In Plague Inc, you have to create a pathogen and then place it on the map of the world. Your aim? To infect and obliterate humans before medical science can find a cure. How your disease spreads depends on the choices you make: Developed countries are harder to infect. 

On the other hand, they have airports and seaports that can help in spreading your disease. Then the country’s climate, neighbours and resources play a big role too. And as the game progresses, you can collect DNA points to ‘uprgrade’ your disease, making it more contagious and fatal. It’s a race against time – only here, you’re not saving the world; you’re working against it. Gameplay is addictive, and it’s educational too, giving you a superb idea of how untreated diseases can grow to pandemic proportions. And it’s scary. Very scary.

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