Saturday, 24 August 2013


While it’s a myth that Apple computers can’t be infected by viruses, Macs, iPhones and iPads rarely are. As they are manufactured solely by Apple, rather than by multiple companies using different components, there is a smaller margin of error that their parts are susceptible to attack. Equally, the App Store’s ‘walled garden’ approach to apps ensures third-party products are carefully vetted, so there is less chance of downloading a virus. Android, however, is a different matter. By its very nature of being an open-source software, it is open to abuse. BT security expert Jill Knesek publicly claimed last year that one third of Android apps they tested carried malware. 

However, Knesek did not say whether this sample included apps from Google Play, which routinely deletes spam apps, and BT have been unwilling to provide further info. More conservative estimates from the same period said only 11% of apps on Google Play were potentially malicious, but this figure is on the rise. Therefore free downloads such as Norton Security or Android specific Avast! Security are recommended to scan new apps, updates and any other downloads before use.

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